Producing high quality Dan grade certification for the British Aikido Association for the past ten years, the finished products from Menjo UK are highly valued by our membership. They are truly bespoke menjo, individually crafted for the recipient. The design we chose is in a mixture of Japanese and English. Stylish and decorative, they provide a fitting memento of achievement to our members.

I would give my personal recommendation for this excellent service

Bob Jones 7th Dan
CEO British Aikido Association

Thank you very much to Menjo UK for helping us design our Rengōkai Karate Menjo. They were very patient with us as we changed our mind and went round in circles with the design.

With their help we now truly have a Rengōkai Menjo that we can be proud to present to our Dan grade karateka.

Thanks again 🙂

Nicky Sanders 5th Dan
Rengōkai Karate


I would just like to say a very big thank you to Menjo UK for the work they produced on behalf of our Karate Association. The attention to detail, prompt service and advice about all aspects of designing a unique menjo has been exceptional. They were very willing to accommodate our specific requirements, all in all a very professional and high value for money service.

I highly recommend Menjo UK.

Martin Genovese
Shodokan Karate


Menjo UK has been our chosen supplier of Dan grade Menjo for the Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei. On the formation of the federation in 2005 it was decided that we should offer high quality menjo for our members who achieve dan grade. We have also used Menjo UK for the supply hyosho-jo for visiting Japanese and western instructor. Faultless Japanese translation as items have been presented by and issued to Japanese Tomiki Aikido Instructors.

Shaun Hoddy 7th Dan Tomiki Aikido, 1st Dan Taiho-Jutsu

I wanted to provide students with the ability to grade at a lower level within the dojo in Jodo but wanted to provide students with a quality certificate they could be proud to have. has provided that menjo for us. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for Menjo work. It was quick and easy, fast turnaround and looks amazing.

Jason Hulott
Nishimon Dojo